The Washington Post

States can stop child labor

- Edward Lyons, Bethesda

Regarding the March 10 news article “Labor Dept. says states are ‘irresponsi­ble’ for loosening youth worker rules”:

With the Labor Department calling states that have been loosening child labor laws irresponsi­ble, there is a little-discussed solution to addressing this problemati­c issue: the ratificati­on of the proposed Child Labor Amendment.

The little-known proposed amendment was introduced in 1924 and ratified by 28 states. However, because Congress didn’t put a time limit on the amendment, states are still able to ratify it. Only 10 more states would need to ratify it for it to come into effect. The amendment would give Congress the power to more closely regulate child labor. If the amendment were to be ratified, Congress could help stop the continuati­on of loosening state-level child labor regulation­s that are now putting children into hazardous and dangerous working conditions.

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