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Is Tiktok a bigger threat?

- Ward Foeller, Charlottes­ville

Regarding the March 13 news article “Is it bad politics to ban Tiktok in the U.S.? Some officials think so.”:

If we are facing the threat that Americans' personal data might be misused, shouldn't we be passing laws to protect Americans' personal data rather than simply banning or restrictin­g a single globally popular (but foreign-owned) app?

Politician­s seem to have no problem with Americans’ personal data being misused by U.S. corporatio­ns (or other Americans) in multiple ways, such as the ones illustrate­d by the March 12 frontpage article “Grindr app data mined to expose gay priests.” Instead of protecting Americans’ personal data, it appears that politician­s are actually more concerned about hampering foreign competitio­n while preserving the ability of Americans and U.S. corporatio­ns to pillage and exploit such data however they wish for economic (or political) profit.

I don’t hold out much hope that this will change — until our politician­s are no longer beholden to campaign donations from the very groups and corporatio­ns that benefit from the current status quo.

God bless capitalism?

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