The Washington Times Daily : 2020-12-14



| A5 POLITICS MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2020 R ☆ Advertisem­ent Advertisem­ent The Next Great Pardon Congrats to General Flynn on his pardon. And well done, Mr. President, in granting it. Michael Flynn served his country faithfully and was lured into a technical legal trap that was motivated by political corruption. With this pardon, President Trump brought relief to this good man and exposed the misuse of the federal justice system for political dirty tricks. With this pardon done, everyone is asking who should be next? I know. His name is Bradley C. Birkenfeld. According to CNBC, he is “the greatest financial whistleblo­wer of all time.” Brad pulled back the curtain on Swiss bank secrecy which resulted in the repatriati­on of more than $25 billion coming back to the United States Treasury. Most people have heard of secret Swiss bank accounts, where you could hide money from your business partner, your spouse, or most importantl­y – the IRS. Brad’s whistleblo­wing ended all that. In addition to the $25 billion, here’s some of what has changed because of Brad: • 3 IRS amnesty programs were implemente­d resulting in over 100,000 (and counting) US citizens now in tax compliance with American law. • 100 Swiss banks signed formal agreements with the US government ending decades long illegal practices. • UBS was forced to disclose 4,700 secret US account holders in Switzerlan­d, a historic precedent. • UBS was fined $780 million by the US government and entered into a deferred prosecutio­n agreement with the US government. • UBS was convicted of tax evasion and money laundering by the French Court and ordered to pay 5.1 billion. € A Department of Justice prosecutor was quoted as saying: Without Mr. Birkenfeld walking in the door of the DOJ in the summer of 2007, I doubt as of today this massive fraud scheme would have ever been discovered by the U.S. government. What was “the crime” to be pardoned? After coming forward voluntaril­y to blow the whistle, Brad was later charged and pressured to plead guilty to one count of “conspiracy to commit tax fraud.” Why? When the DOJ pressed him to return to America to reveal names of his clients (which was against Swiss law) he asked that the US government subpoena him so that he would be doing so as required by American law. The DOJ refused to issue a subpoena and charged Brad instead. He spent 30 months in jail. Why would the government do that to him? This is where the plot thickens and another reason why the President should pardon Brad Birkenfeld. The Obama, Hillary, and Holder machine obviously thought of the Rahm Emanuel maxim: “Never let a crisis go to waste.” The UBS scandal could be turned into an opportunit­y. They could protect their political donors who had secret Swiss accounts. At the same time, Hillary and Bill Clinton could financiall­y profit from the clean-up operation. They did, and how. The first pay off was political. After Mr. Birkenfeld’s historic revelation­s, the IRS sued UBS to get the identities of the US citizens with secret bank accounts. Instead of allowing this legal process to work out, Hillary Clinton interjecte­d herself as Secretary of State to force a political solution. This was a highly unusual interventi­on of the State Department. Clinton allowed the Swiss to settle by revealing only 4,700 American accounts, while leaving about 14,300 veiled in secrecy. It would be interestin­g to know the Democrat fat cat donors with secret accounts who were buried in that hidden 14,300. Hillary Clinton also brokered a deferred prosecutio­n agreement with a fine of $780 million to be paid by UBS to the United States. ‘Sounds like a lot of money until you realize that with Brad’s recent testimony, the French Court ordered UBS to do two things: 1) pay a fine of 5.1 billion for the same offense, and; 2) release the names 40,000 French citizens hiding their money in Switzerlan­d. In contrast, for a relatively small fine, UBS got off the hook with America and the Obama administra­tion swept 75% of the names and records of all the American tax cheats under the rug. The second pay off was financial. Besides the blatant political cover-up, the relatively small fine for UBS resulted in a financial bonanza for the Clintons and their foundation. According to the after the Clinton-UBS deal was struck “Total donations by UBS to the Clinton Foundation grew from less than $60,000 through 2008 to a cumulative total of about $600,000 by the end of 2014, according to the foundation and the bank.” Wall Street Journal, In addition, UBS gave the Clinton Foundation a low interest $32 million loan for an inner-city program. On top of this, buckle your seatbelt, UBS paid former president Bill Clinton $1.5 million to do a question and answer session (not even a prepared set speech) with UBS Wealth Management Chief Executive, Bob McCann. This UBS gig was Bill Clinton’s highest paying corporate speech fee disclosed at the time. No wonder candidate Donald Trump campaigned on draining the swamp. When James Grimaldi and Rebecca Ballhaus published their expose’ of this Clinton Swamp Thing in 2015, their piece referenced all to one man: “UBS’s troubles began in 2007 when an American banker working in Switzerlan­d told the U.S. Justice Department that UBS had recruited thousands of U.S. customers seeking to avoid U.S. taxes.” That banker, that man, was Brad Birkenfeld. And when Donald J. Trump launched his 2016 presidenti­al run and coined the moniker “Crooked Hillary”, his campaign website referenced the same article. WSJ The bottom line, while the Clintons politicize­d and monetized the UBS case, Mr. Birkenfeld was thrown under the bus. America can do better than this. So, with hat in hand, this message is for President Trump: Richard “Bo” Dietl Founder and CEO Beau Dietl & Associates PAID FOR BY THE JOHNSON AGENCY WSJ Mr. President, it is time to make this right. Please pardon Brad Birkenfeld because he brought back over $25 billion to his country. Pardon Brad because he broke up the corrupt banking system. Pardon Brad because it will remind America to be on guard against bureaucrat­ic corruption. Pardon him because it will make all the right people nervous. And most of all, at Christmas, pardon Brad in name of freedom. Although Brad has served his time, as a “felon” he does not have the same freedoms to vote, to own a firearm, to travel, and to work as other Americans do. You alone can give those American freedoms back to Brad. Please do.