Obama’s white-flight prob­lem

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Des­per­ate Democrats and their co-con­spir­a­tors in the me­dia are busy try­ing to whip up a race war. “The health care bill is not the main source of this anger and never has been. It’s merely a handy ex­cuse,” Frank Rich wrote in a re­cent New York Times col­umn. Their line is that all those op­posed to the pres­i­dent’s rad­i­cal agenda are racists who re­sent hav­ing a black man as pres­i­dent. It is a moldy, old smear, but as ap­proval rat­ings for Mr. Obama sink be­low 50 per­cent, it is be­ing re­vis­ited with in­creas­ing fer­vor.

Ac­cord­ing to the lat­est Gallup weekly data, only 38 per­cent of whites ap­prove of Mr. Obama’s per­for­mance, down from 63 per­cent when he took of­fice. Of course, if th­ese peo­ple were racists, they never would have given Mr. Obama their sup­port to be­gin with, but the lib­eral howls of “white flight” are re­sis­tant to ele­men­tary logic.

Crit­ics fo­cus on racial data be­cause they want to make race the cen­ter of the ar­gu­ment. This is a way to avoid the in­con­ve­nient truth that vast seg­ments of the elec­torate are be­com­ing dis­en­chanted with Mr. Obama’s bro­ken prom­ises. The Amer­i­can mid­dle class is de­sert­ing him in droves.

Ac­cord­ing to Gallup, Mr. Obama is los­ing ground among peo­ple earn­ing be­tween $24,000 and $60,000 per year (cur­rently at 50 per­cent ap­proval — even lower at higher in­come lev­els); col­lege grad­u­ates (48 per­cent ap­proval); po­lit­i­cal in­de­pen­dents (43 per­cent ap­proval); older Amer­i­cans, es­pe­cially se­nior cit­i­zens (40 per­cent to 41 per­cent, and affin­ity for Mr. Obama has fallen in dou­ble dig­its among re­li­gious de­nom­i­na­tions across the board. An ex­cep­tion is the “None/Athe­ist/Ag­nos­tic” cat­e­gory, in which Mr. Obama en­joys 67 per­cent sup­port. He is also highly sup­ported by those with grad­u­ate de­grees, young peo­ple, sin­gle peo­ple, poor peo­ple and blacks. frus­tra­tions.” This con­temp­tu­ous as­sess­ment of the Amer­i­can mid­dle class ac­cu­rately re­flects the lib­eral world­view. When they say “red state,” they mean “red­neck.”

Race plays a much stronger role in the lib­eral mind­set than for most of Amer­ica. Mr. Obama and many lib­er­als of his gen­er­a­tion grew up be­ing taught that Amer­ica is at root a deeply flawed coun­try, and it is their mis­sion to “fix” it. Those push­ing the “racism” ar­gu­ment to ex­plain the strong op­po­si­tion to Mr. Obama’s poli­cies do so be­cause they can’t es­cape looking at is­sues through a racial prism. As Amer­ica has be­come post-racial, they are in­tel­lec­tu­ally and emo­tion­ally stuck in the 1960s. So they re­cy­cle im­ages half-a-cen­tury old and wait, for­lornly, for a ran­dom lynch­ing to jus­tify their world­view.

There is much to dis­like about Mr. Obama’s Amer­ica: high un­em­ploy­ment, mon­strous record debt, eco­nomic slug­gish­ness, a ter­ri­ble health care law, higher taxes, a rigged cen­sus, fast-tracking il­le­gal aliens to the fran­chise, grow­ing gov­ern­ment at home and in­creas­ing weak­ness abroad. It is not mean-spir­ited racism to take a stand against the daily de­struc­tion of the Amer­i­can dream; it is sim­ple com­mon sense.

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