Our state goons don’t wear fur hats

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Your Novem­ber 1 cover pic­tur­ing a Rus­sian pro­tester be­ing man-han­dled by the po­lice in front of the mayor’s of­fice in Moscow re­minded me im­me­di­ately of the TSA man/woman han­dling of pas­sen­gers at our air­ports.

Al­though the com­par­i­son is prob­a­bly un­fair, I would have never be­lieved that our govern­ment of­fi­cials would be so con­trol­ling sim­i­lar to the for­mer Soviet Union (and present Rus­sia) as they “in­vade” and de­stroy any ves­tiges of mod­esty that our cul­ture hasn’t al­ready oblit­er­ated. The TSA’s ac­tions are tan­ta­mount to sex­ual as­sault in the “pat­downs” and pornog­ra­phy as the body scan­ners “take” and send “nude pic­tures” in or­der to “search” for ex­plo­sives and other ter­ror­ists’ con­tra­band that might “bring a plane down.”

Again I ask, who would have thought that our govern­ment would be tram­pling on pri­vate rights that are guar­an­teed by our Con­sti­tu­tion?

A fi­nal ques­tion, can you for a moment be­lieve that if a Repub­li­can — say Ge­orge W. Bush — was pres­i­dent the Democrats, the Left­ist press, and the ACLU would be sit­ting on their hands and say­ing noth­ing about the TSA’s ac­tions? You’ll re­call that these en­ti­ties had a “cow” when Mr. Bush was us­ing the Pa­triot Act to keep us safe from ter­ror­ists. H.E. Todd Nashville, Ten­nessee

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