Democrats will win if Pelosi and Reid lose power

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - BY CHARLES HURT

If poll­sters are to be be­lieved, Democrats na­tion­wide do not have much to look for­ward to in next week’s elec­tions. There is, how­ever, a sil­ver lin­ing that stands to ben­e­fit the party and lib­eral-lean­ing vot­ers ev­ery­where in ways that far out­weigh the an­guish they might suf­fer on Elec­tion Day.

Poised to lose con­trol of the Se­nate and give up even more seats in the House, Democrats in Congress will have no choice but to fi­nally dump House Mi­nor­ity Leader Nancy Pelosi and Se­nate Majority Leader Harry Reid. This is good news for Democrats and any se­ri­ous vot­ers who con­sider them­selves “pro­gres­sives.”

For too long, Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi have held th­ese Demo­cratic vot­ers hostage by their im­pos­si­bly clown­ish be­hav­ior whose zany pub­lic com­ments and out­landish po­lit­i­cal views place them far, far out­side any po­lit­i­cal norm on the left or the right. In short, Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Reid have been not just an em­bar­rass­ment to Amer­ica, but dan­ger­ous and dis­tract­ing li­a­bil­i­ties to Democrats in Congress and the vot­ers back home they are sup­posed to serve.

For years, re­porters cov­er­ing th­ese two lead­ers have had to will­ingly sus­pend dis­be­lief and di­vorce them­selves from any strain of re­al­ity just to pre­tend to take Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi se­ri­ously. Dur­ing reg­u­lar press brief­ings, both Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi are prone to eye-pop­ping blank stares, bizarre ges­tic­u­la­tions, in­co­her­ent bab­bling, wooden pos­ture and sud­den re­ver­sals of plain logic. Some­times they will just prat­tle on about per­fect non­sense that no­body un­der­stands. But it is so common that re­porters just roll their eyes or ex­change brief glances and move on.

Lit­er­ally, if some­one were to wheel in a cou­ple of dod­der­ing de­men­tia pa­tients from the lo­cal hooty-hooty and set them up to speak on be­half of Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi, no­body would no­tice any dif­fer­ence.

Ev­ery­one re­mem­bers Mrs. Pelosi’s fa­mous ex­hor­ta­tion to pass the hastily-slapped-to­gether Oba­macare bill — so that law­mak­ers and the pub­lic could find out what is in the bill.

And her dark warn­ing to pass another hot dis­as­ter: “Ev­ery week we don’t pass a stim­u­lus pack­age, 500 mil­lion Americans lose their jobs.”

This isn’t just your rou­tine out-of-touch men­tal numb­ness of a 25-year in­cum­bent. This is real id­iocy, pure lu­nacy.

And then there is Mr. Reid, who is so deeply un­pop­u­lar back home, you have to won­der if vot­ers don’t keep elect­ing him just to keep him out of Ne­vada.

This is a man who on a roughly $200,000 an­nual gov­ern­ment salary lives in a condo in the Ritz-Carl­ton when he is in Wash­ing­ton. And when he opens his mouth, he com­plains about the sweaty, smelly tourists traips­ing through the Capi­tol.

“In the sum­mer be­cause of the heat and high hu­mid­ity, you could lit­er­ally smell the tourists com­ing into the Capi­tol,” he said by way of ex­plain­ing why tax­pay­ers needed to shell out $600 mil­lion to build an un­der­ground ad­di­tion to the Capi­tol to keep the sweaty, smelly tourists at bay.

Th­ese would be the same sweaty, smelly tourists who pay Mr. Reid’s salary and own the very Capi­tol where in he holds forth so non­sen­si­cally.

The buf­foon­ery of Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi is enough to make for­mer Pres­i­dent George W. Bush sound like a Rhodes Scholar and Sec­re­tary of State John Kerry an elo­quent states­man. But the con­se­quences are much more se­ri­ous than the end­less comic loops of Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi blooper tapes.

All the clown­ish­ness deeply un­der­mines Amer­i­can peo­ple’s belief in our sys­tem of gov­er­nance.

How can peo­ple this ridicu­lous be taken se­ri­ously? Un­der what cir­cum­stances are peo­ple like this placed in po­si­tions of au­thor­ity? How are they in charge off all the taxes we pay?

It is a ques­tion many vot­ers in both par­ties are ask­ing. It is why you see so many Democrats desperatel­y rac­ing to dis­tance them­selves from not just Pres­i­dent Obama, but also Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi.

Hope­fully, for the good of Amer­ica and the Demo­cratic Party, this will be the last elec­tion th­ese two par­tic­u­lar lead­ers will have to be so roundly de­nounced.

Charles Hurt can be reached at charleshur­[email protected], or on Twit­ter at @charleshur­t.

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