Ac­tion needed to fix Obama poli­cies

The Washington Times Weekly - - Letters To The Editor - ARTHUR HORN East Wind­sor, New Jer­sey

Ma­jor dis­ap­point­ments, frus­tra­tion and the loss of hope can re­sult in great anger. Much of Amer­ica, es­pe­cially the black com­mu­nity, is hurt­ing eco­nom­i­cally. This fol­lows the very high hopes the black com­mu­nity had in 2009 when Pres­i­dent Obama came to power. To­day, how­ever, black wealth is ac­tu­ally much less than it was in 2009 and the poverty rate is higher. Over­all black un­em­ploy­ment is trag­i­cally high and black-youth un­em­ploy­ment is even higher. Th­ese high rates do not even in­clude many who have given up hope and left the la­bor mar­ket. A record num­ber of peo­ple are on food stamps or oth­er­wise de­pen­dent on the gov­ern­ment. From Fer­gu­son, Mo., to New York and Bal­ti­more, this has led to civil un­rest. Un­less the sit­u­a­tion im­proves, we can ex­pect more of this type of be­hav­ior.

Sev­eral col­lege cam­puses around the na­tion are also wit­ness­ing civil un­rest. Stu­dents faced with very lim­ited em­ploy­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties are also sad­dled with large stu­dent loans. Th­ese stu­dents now re­al­ize their fu­tures look rather bleak.

Gov­ern­ment poli­cies are largely to blame for th­ese prob­lems. For too long pro­grams were de­vel­oped and im­ple­mented with­out out­come be­ing taken into con­sid­er­a­tion. Dur­ing the past seven years the Obama eco­nomic and so­cial poli­cies have wors­ened th­ese prob­lems.

We need a care­ful ex­am­i­na­tion of the re­sults of new laws and reg­u­la­tions. The min­i­mum wage lib­er­als tout is ac­tu­ally quite dam­ag­ing to the low-in­come wage earn­ers. There is a sad history that in­creas­ing the min­i­mum wage is fol­lowed by a loss of jobs. Like­wise Oba­macare has made the 29.5-hour part-time work­week com­mon­place and en­cour­aged many small busi­nesses not to hire more than 50 employees.

A higher salary al­ways in­creases the in­cen­tive to hire fewer peo­ple. Whether it is land, la­bor or cap­i­tal, ris­ing price gives an in­cen­tive for sub­sti­tu­tion. An ex­am­ple can be found in my own fam­ily. My wife’s un­cle was an el­e­va­tor op­er­a­tor in a strong la­bor union in Man­hat­tan. They kept forc­ing wage in­creases, which made au­to­ma­tion more at­trac­tive. Now, few el­e­va­tors are op­er­ated by peo­ple.

The next pres­i­dent and Congress should en­cour­age greater em­ploy­ment by re­duc­ing the cost of hir­ing peo­ple. An in­crease in jobs would bring many long-term un­em­ployed peo­ple into the la­bor mar­ket and give them a work ethic and hope for the fu­ture.


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