Mak­ing no apolo­gies in Poland, Trump kills Obama Doc­trine

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - BY CHARLES HURT

Nearly a decade af­ter Barack Obama snuffed out Amer­ica’s bea­con of free­dom to the world, Pres­i­dent Trump has re­lighted the hope­ful flame. At nearly this ex­act point in Mr. Obama’s pres­i­dency, he launched his fa­mous “apol­ogy tour,” trav­el­ing the globe seek­ing for­give­ness for all Amer­ica’s trans­gres­sions.

War­mon­ger­ing, tor­ture and slav­ery had be­come the ugly birth­marks of Amer­ica. In Mr. Obama’s eyes, any­way.

That was be­fore Mr. Obama went on to be­come the first pres­i­dent in his­tory to wage war with ev­ery heart­beat of his pres­i­dency. Or the rise and spread of ISIS, which plumbed new depths of de­prav­ity in tor­tur­ing in­no­cents. Or the ex­plo­sion of slav­ery, rape and hu­man traf­fick­ing from South and Cen­tral Amer­ica spawned by Mr. Obama’s heart­less open­bor­ders poli­cies.

He trav­eled to Egypt with un­ri­valed cred­i­bil­ity as the son of a Mus­lim … to beckon the Mus­lim world into modernity? To teach the rad­i­cal no­tions of free speech, self-gov­er­nance and re­li­gious free­dom? In­stead, he apol­o­gized for Amer­ica’s role in cre­at­ing the in­ter­net, with its twisted view of “sex­u­al­ity” and “mind­less vi­o­lence.”

Re­ally? You have women liv­ing as cov­ered ser­vants and gays thrown off rooftops and Amer­ica’s pres­i­dent apol­o­gized for the in­ter­net?

He also claimed it was “part of my re­spon­si­bil­ity as pres­i­dent of the United States to fight against neg­a­tive stereo­types of Is­lam wher­ever they ap­pear.”

Se­ri­ously? Can you be­lieve that huck­ster ped­dled him­self as a “con­sti­tu­tional scholar”? No won­der he suf­fered so many unan­i­mous beat-downs by the Supreme Court dur­ing his pres­i­dency.

The prob­lem with Barack Obama — other than hav­ing never ac­tu­ally read the Con­sti­tu­tion — is that he never un­der­stood the rad­i­cal no­tion of self-gov­er­nance upon which Amer­ica was founded. He views gov­ern­ment as a great force of pa­ter­nal benev­o­lence.

It is why he gave us gov­ern­ment-run Oba­macare, which is just a fancy, self­i­doliz­ing term for so­cial­ized medicine and ra­tioned health care. Most Or­wellian of all, Mr. Obama named it the “Af­ford­able” Care Act.

Well, sir, if it is so “af­ford­able,” why does the fed­eral gov­ern­ment have to man­date ev­ery­one buy it?

Maybe if you shut up long enough and lis­tened to the great peo­ple of Poland and other Eastern Euro­pean coun­tries for which you had such dis­dain, they would have hap­pily ex­plained it to you.

So­cial­ism didn’t work there, and it will not work here.

Mr. Obama is gone now, and his le­gacy is be­ing sys­tem­at­i­cally dis­man­tled by Mr. Trump.

Among Mr. Trump’s ear­li­est ini­tia­tives was un­do­ing the Obama Doc­trine of apol­ogy and ap­pease­ment.

Mr. Obama’s com­mit­ment to De­feat with­out Peace and Amer­ica Last have been re­placed by an era of Amer­i­can Ex­cep­tion­al­ism. Amer­ica’s Bea­con of Hope shines brightly once again.

In War­saw, Mr. Trump cel­e­brated our warm friend­ship with the “soul of Europe.”

“You stood in sol­i­dar­ity against op­pres­sion, against a law­less se­cret po­lice, against a cruel and wicked sys­tem that im­pov­er­ished your cities and your souls,” he said. “And you won. Poland pre­vailed. Poland will al­ways pre­vail.”

And this gem, which cer­tainly went right over Mr. Obama’s head, but may as well have been aimed di­rectly at the heart of Oba­macare: “The West be­came great not be­cause of pa­per­work and reg­u­la­tions but be­cause peo­ple were al­lowed to chase their dreams and pur­sue their des­tinies.”

Mr. Trump’s en­tire pow­er­ful and el­e­gant speech re­minded me of so many thrilling lines from “Casablanca.” In par­tic­u­lar, this one near the end of the film when Vic­tor Las­zlo turns to Rick af­ter get­ting the let­ters of tran­sit and says: “Wel­come back to the fight. This time I know our side will win.” Charles Hurt can be reached at [email protected]­ing­ton­ and on Twit­ter by @charleshur­t.


In Poland, Pres­i­dent Trump cel­e­brated our warm friend­ship with the “soul of Europe.”

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