Stupid shep­herds and scat­tered sheep

The list of sur­real hypocrisie­s across Amer­ica is end­less

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - By Everett Piper

Over the past sev­eral weeks, our na­tion’s cul­tural elites and main­stream me­dia have lurched from one ab­sur­dity to an­other. Fol­low­ing each day’s news causes one to sus­pect you might be read­ing badly-writ­ten fic­tion as op­posed to jour­nal­ism that is ac­cu­rate, real and true. A smat­ter­ing of the head­lines: El­iz­a­beth War­ren dou­bles down in in­sist­ing she is Chero­kee, even though her own DNA test proves she is not.

Cory Booker openly ar­gues that jus­tice starts with the pre­sump­tion of guilt and any ev­i­dence of in­no­cence just “doesn’t mat­ter.”

Nancy Pelosi says our Sec­ond Amend­ment rights should be cur­tailed with­out cause or due process, and that “col­lat­eral dam­age” (a mil­i­tary term de­scrib­ing the killing of civil­ians) should be ex­pected in the fight against those who don’t share her “view.”

Other Democrats, too nu­mer­ous to count, openly en­cour­age un­doc­u­mented im­mi­grants (i.e. peo­ple who have en­tered our coun­try il­le­gally and who do not have the rights of cit­i­zen­ship) to vote in the up­com­ing midterm elec­tions.

Rosie O’Don­nell pleads for the U.S. mil­i­tary to get in­volved in re­mov­ing a duly-elected pres­i­dent of the United States from of­fice (That’s called a coup, in case you were won­der­ing).

Eric Holder, our na­tion’s for­mer at­tor­ney gen­eral, calls for vi­o­lence against his po­lit­i­cal op­po­si­tion.

Pro­fes­sors on col­lege cam­puses from coast to coast, who are hired to teach and model crit­i­cal think­ing, ridicule and si­lence stu­dents who dare to ex­press crit­i­cal thoughts.

Bi­o­log­i­cal men are praised for com­pet­ing in sports specif­i­cally re­served for bi­o­log­i­cal women.

Un­der the ban­ner of women’s rights, women are cu­ri­ously silent as they con­tinue to lose their right to even have their own bath­rooms.

Men are called toxic sim­ply be­cause they are men.

Fas­cists per­sist in con­demn­ing every­one by call­ing them fas­cists.

So­cial­ism gains pop­u­lar­ity in Amer­ica while we watch Venezuela col­lapse un­der the weight of so­cial­ism.

Our na­tion en­joys its best econ­omy in at least a gen­er­a­tion as the left rants to re­verse the poli­cies and re­move the peo­ple driv­ing the econ­omy be­cause it’s “all about the econ­omy, stupid.”

Big­ots be­moan big­ots for be­ing big­ots. Racists con­demn racists while de­fend­ing the su­pe­ri­or­ity of their race. Sex­ists march for the end of sex­ism.

Hil­lary Clin­ton con­demns the in­ci­vil­ity of Don­ald Trump while telling the “re­sis­tance” to be­have un­civilly in its fight against Don­ald Trump.

Mrs. Clin­ton, who stands with #MeToo in de­fend­ing women who have been sex­u­ally used by pow­er­ful men, goes on record de­fend­ing her own hus­band for sex­u­ally us­ing women when he was at the pin­na­cle of power.

Stormy Daniels, who has cho­sen the vice of sell­ing her­self for sex (and film­ing it), is praised as the paragon of virtue be­cause she sued a man with whom she says she was paid to have sex.

The Colorado Civil Rights Com­mis­sion con­tin­ues to com­pro­mise the rights of Jack Phillips, a Chris­tian baker who sim­ply wants to ex­er­cise his con­sti­tu­tional rights.

A “Chris­tian” univer­sity in Cal­i­for­nia pub­licly boasts it will en­gage in “coun­sel­ing” and “con­ver­sa­tion” with its stu­dents rather than sim­ply con­fronting the im­ma­tu­rity of those who “feel trig­gered” by the mil­len­nia-old teach­ings of Chris­tian or­tho­doxy and bib­li­cal ethics.

Par­ents con­tinue to spend tens of thou­sands of dol­lars to send their sons and daugh­ters off to col­leges that mock their values rather than em­brace them.

Face­book bans the pro­mo­tion of the movie “Gos­nell,” claim­ing it is too “po­lit­i­cal.” This film is a fac­tual de­pic­tion of a med­i­cal doc­tor who was con­victed to life with­out pa­role, plus 30 years, for killing at least three women through botched abor­tions in his Women’s Med­i­cal So­ci­ety clinic in Philadel­phia, Penn­syl­va­nia.

Gos­nell was also found guilty of butcher­ing at least seven in­fants by sev­er­ing their spinal cords af­ter they were born. One won­ders if these self-pro­claimed thought po­lice would con­sider a movie about Josef Men­gele and his “med­i­cal work” at Auschwitz to also be too “po­lit­i­cal” for the ad­ver­tis­ing poli­cies of Face­book.

The list of sur­real hypocrisie­s is end­less. The Big Lie con­tin­ues. The left marches on. It’s a pa­rade of par­ody led by an em­peror with no clothes. “There is no Truth, and that’s the truth,” he shouts. “Amen!” we cheer, “and that’s the truth!”

Well-fed and en­ter­tained by “bread and cir­cuses,” our na­tion ap­plauds in jack­boot uni­son. The lem­mings fol­low blindly as the mu­sic mes­mer­izes. Ru­mors that there are cliffs ahead are noth­ing but the stuff of con­ser­va­tive hys­te­ria. We are a blind and dumb. We chuckle clue­lessly as we watch those just a half-step ahead of us dis­ap­pear over the edge of the precipice.

Three thou­sand years ago, the prophet Jeremiah wrote, “A con­spir­acy ex­ists among [my peo­ple]. They have turned back to the in­iq­ui­ties of [those] who re­fused to hear my words. There­fore, the Lord has de­creed dis­as­ter against [them] … be­cause of the evil they have done.” He also said, “For the shep­herds are stupid …; there­fore, they have not pros­pered and their flock is scat­tered.”

Did I men­tion he was a prophet?

It’s a pa­rade of par­ody led by an em­peror with no clothes. “There is no Truth, and that’s the truth,” he shouts. “Amen!” we cheer, “and that’s the truth!”

Everett Piper, pres­i­dent of Ok­la­homa Wes­leyan Univer­sity, is the au­thor of “Not A Day Care: The Dev­as­tat­ing Con­se­quences of Aban­don­ing Truth” (Reg­n­ery 2017).


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