Vot­ers will see left’s true colors

The Washington Times Weekly - - Letters To The Editor - GRE­GORY J. TOPLIFF War­renville, South Carolina

As I watched on TV some of the Demo­cratic strate­gists giddy with de­light that their party took over the House of Rep­re­sen­ta­tives, a thought came to me: When you get handed a bunch of lemons, you make le­mon­ade.

What the Democrats failed to see is their big win just told all the Repub­li­cans and in­de­pen­dent vot­ers that there are more un­in­formed peo­ple out there than there are those of us who pay at­ten­tion to what is go­ing on in pol­i­tics. I say this be­cause peo­ple in their right minds, who see the coun­try thriv­ing eco­nom­i­cally and are watch­ing their pay­check amounts go up and taxes go down, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth by throw­ing a wrench in the works against the per­son who made it all hap­pen.

The mal­con­tents who voted to watch the Democrats go af­ter Pres­i­dent Trump for ev­ery stupid thing they al­leged right up un­til Elec­tion Day have shown the peo­ple their hand. In do­ing so, un­be­knownst to them, they did us a fa­vor. When the next elec­tion takes place, those who sat on the side­lines and lis­tened to what the Democrats had in mind for our lead­er­ship over the next two years will see that it’s time to come to­gether as an army against those who do not have the coun­try’s best in­ter­ests at heart.

As for the threats to go af­ter the pres­i­dent rather than ac­tu­ally rep­re­sent­ing the peo­ple, it will sim­ply put the ic­ing on the cake of their demise. No one elected th­ese peo­ple to keep our coun­try from thriv­ing and be­ing re­spected. Vin­dic­tive acts to keep us di­vided are not in our best in­ter­est.

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