How Trump can beat the deep-state coup

The pres­i­dent is at his best bat­tling stri­dent po­lit­i­cal en­e­mies, and he is get­ting his nick­names ready

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - By Mon­ica Crow­ley

When Don­ald Trump glided down the golden es­ca­la­tor in June 2015 to an­nounce he was run­ning for pres­i­dent, lit­tle did he know that he was about to be­come the most hunted po­lit­i­cal fig­ure in re­cent his­tory. He soon dis­cov­ered, how­ever, that that es­ca­la­tor ride de­liv­ered him right into the wait­ing maw of the es­tab­lish­ment beast. That mon­ster has many ten­ta­cles: The Demo­cratic and Repub­li­can es­tab­lish­ments, far left, the deep and bureau­cratic states, the me­dia and the in­ter­na­tional “com­mu­nity.” From the mo­ment Mr. Trump emerged as a se­ri­ous threat to their power and control, they went to work to dis­credit, dele­git­imize and de­stroy him via a vast, so­phis­ti­cated net­work of lies cen­tered on non-ex­is­tent crimes re­lated to equally non-ex­is­tent Rus­sian “col­lu­sion.”

The on­go­ing ef­fort to un­der­mine and re­move a duly elected pres­i­dent is a rolling deep state coup d’etat (with an as­sist from the me­dia), mak­ing it the most dan­ger­ous scan­dal in Amer­i­can his­tory.

Corey Le­wandowski was present at the cre­ation of the Trump can­di­dacy, serv­ing as his first cam­paign man­ager. David Bossie served later as deputy cam­paign man­ager and as deputy ex­ec­u­tive di­rec­tor of the tran­si­tion. Both are among Mr. Trump’s clos­est and most trusted ad­vis­ers. They’ve just pub­lished an in­side ac­count of how these sin­is­ter forces are wag­ing a multi-front war against the pres­i­dent, “Trump’s En­e­mies: How the Deep State is Un­der­min­ing the Pres­i­dency.”

“When we started, we had no un­der­stand­ing that the en­tire weight of the fed­eral gov­ern­ment was about to be mo­bi­lized against us,” Messrs. Le­wandowski and Bossie tell me in a wide-rang­ing in­ter­view.

“From the start,” Mr. Le­wandowski says, “the me­dia di­min­ished Trump and the cam­paign. Then once he be­came the de facto nom­i­nee, the Repub­li­can Na­tional Com­mit­tee re­fused to give us the kind of control and sup­port they’d given other pre­sump­tive nom­i­nees. And once the pro­fes­sional con­sul­tant class be­gan en­ter­ing the cam­paign, we started to see just how ad­verse they were to Trump. We were fight­ing our­selves.”

We now know that there were three phases to this war on Mr. Trump: Dur­ing the cam­paign, in­ter­nal and ex­ter­nal forces be­gan to set him up on the Rus­sian col­lu­sion lie; dur­ing the tran­si­tion, those forces be­gan to panic that their own law-break­ing might be ex­posed; and dur­ing Mr. Trump’s pres­i­dency, as they’ve tried re­lent­lessly to bury him, many of his aides and his suc­cess­ful agenda.

“This is a vast left-wing con­spir­acy,” Mr. Bossie says, “that be­gan with Cross­fire Hur­ri­cane, the Clin­ton cam­paign and Demo­cratic Na­tional Com­mit­tee, Peter Str­zok and Lisa Page, the list goes on. But [for­mer FBI Di­rec­tor James] Comey was at the top of the food chain, and has a lot to an­swer for. He co­or­di­nated it and en­forced two sets of rules, one for Hil­lary Clin­ton and the Democrats, an­other for Trump and the rest of us.

“Comey went from be­ing the ‘last Boy Scout’ to some­one un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion,” says Mr. Bossie. “He’s a bad hom­bre.”

Mr. Le­wandowki agrees that Mr. Comey has been the most dan­ger­ous vil­lain in the anti-Trump con­spir­acy but adds that the pres­i­dent’s “big­gest en­emy still in the gov­ern­ment is Bruce Ohr, whose wife worked for Fu­sion GPS and who took the phony dossier to Str­zok at the FBI, set­ting off the whole chain of events. And he’s still in there.”

When asked which in­sider turn­coat shocked them the most, Mr. Le­wandowski doesn’t hes­i­tate: “Michael Co­hen,” he replied, re­fer­ring to Mr. Trump’s for­mer lawyer. “He pre­tended to be loyal and then made up sto­ries. [For­mer Chief Eco­nomic Ad­viser] Gary Cohn and [for­mer Staff Sec­re­tary] Rob Porter: They did ev­ery­thing they could to sub­vert the will of the pres­i­dent from the in­side, as did oth­ers.”

With Democrats set to as­sume control of the House of Representatives, Messrs. Bossie and Le­wandowski warn of their in­evitable in­ves­tiga­tive frenzy. “The White House still doesn’t un­der­stand what it’s up against,” says Mr. Le­wandowski. “The White House Coun­sel’s of­fice needs about 35 more lawyers with killer in­stincts. They need a Clin­ton-es­que war room.”

And when asked about a new in­com­ing at­tor­ney gen­eral, Mr. Le­wandowski replies, “I hope whomever gets the job will ap­ply equal jus­tice un­der the law to all of the il­le­gal­ity: Un­mask­ing, Hil­lary’s emails, the leak­ing of clas­si­fied doc­u­ments, Comey ly­ing to Congress, [for­mer FBI Deputy Di­rec­tor An­drew] McCabe com­mit­ting per­jury mul­ti­ple times. It would be a dis­ser­vice if those in­ves­ti­ga­tions don’t go for­ward.”

As for the 2020 cam­paign, Mr. Le­wandowski says Mr. Trump is “155 per­cent” run­ning for re-elec­tion, and this time, he’ll have a ro­bust record of prom­ises kept, from de­liv­er­ing jobs and a thriv­ing econ­omy to a stronger mil­i­tary and in­ter­na­tional po­si­tion.

Asked to pre­dict whom the Democrats might nom­i­nate, Mr. Le­wandowski re­sponds em­phat­i­cally: “Michael Bloomberg. He’s left­ist enough to get a pass from the press, rich enough to self-fund, he’s been in­gra­ti­at­ing him­self in places like Iowa, he ran the big­gest city in the coun­try, and he’s an out­sider and busi­ness­man, like the pres­i­dent, which will be an ad­van­tage.” Will Mrs. Clin­ton run again? Mr. Le­wandowski cracks, “Only if God has a heart.”

Mr. Trump fa­mously crushed his 2016 op­po­nents with pointed, shoe-fits nick­names, from “Low En­ergy Jeb” to “Crooked Hil­lary.” Does he have nick­names ready for the dozens of Democrats who think they can take him on? “Yes,” Mr. Le­wandowski says, smil­ing. Mr. Trump is at his best — and most un­der­es­ti­mated — when bat­tling his stri­dent po­lit­i­cal en­e­mies.

Cocky po­ten­tial 2020 can­di­dates: You’ve been warned.

Mr. Trump is “155 per­cent” run­ning for re-elec­tion, and this time, he’ll have a ro­bust record of prom­ises kept, from de­liv­er­ing jobs and a thriv­ing econ­omy to a stronger mil­i­tary and in­ter­na­tional po­si­tion.

Mon­ica Crow­ley is a columnist for The Wash­ing­ton Times.


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