Bill and Hil­lary Clin­ton are about to go away for­ever

The Washington Times Weekly - - Commentary - BY JOSEPH CURL

Yes, peo­ple, the day is com­ing, and it’s com­ing fast: We’re al­most done for good with Bill and Hil­lary Clin­ton. How can we be sure, you ask? Here’s how: Tick­ets to see them live and hear them blab about their lives are sell­ing for the cost of a Big Mac Meal at McDon­ald’s.

Not enough proof? Well, there’s this, too: New York Times columnist Mau­reen Dowd is fi­nally sick of them.

The for­mer first cou­ple opened a 13city speak­ing tour late last month with a pre­miere event in Toronto (why they think any­one in Canada wants to hear them whine about Hil­lary’s crush­ing de­feat in the 2016 pres­i­den­tial elec­tion is any­body’s guess). They pulled just 3,000 peo­ple to an arena that seats 19,000.

Then they took their road show, “An Evening With the Clin­tons,” to Mon­treal, but they fared lit­tle bet­ter (and not for lack of try­ing: In a case of clas­sic Clin­ton pan­der­ing, each said that Canada was su­pe­rior to Amer­ica).

And things kept get­ting worse. Ticket prices for their event in Texas plunged to just $6. Seems no one is in­ter­ested in hear­ing them tell “sto­ries and in­spir­ing anec­dotes that shaped their his­toric ca­reers in pub­lic ser­vice, while also dis­cussing is­sues of the day and look­ing to­ward the fu­ture,” which a press re­lease promised.

Why are Bill and Hil­lary trav­el­ing the coun­try charg­ing peo­ple top dol­lar to hear them blovi­ate? It’s not the money: The cou­ple made $250 mil­lion in the 15 years af­ter Bubba left of­fice (and Hil­lary made bank sell­ing ac­cess — and fa­vors — while she was sec­re­tary of state).

No, they just want … to be loved. Like poor Charles Foster Kane, they just need to be loved. “That’s why he went into pol­i­tics. It seems we weren’t enough. He wanted all the vot­ers to love him, too,” Jede­diah Le­land says in the clas­sic Or­son Welles movie.

But one per­son has fallen de­cid­edly out of love with the Clin­tons. Ms. Dowd has fi­nally had enough of the self-serv­ing cou­ple and last week called them out, call­ing them “shock­ingly un-self-aware.”

“I’m look­ing around Sco­tia­bank Arena, the home of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and it’s a de­press­ing sight. It’s two-forthe-price-of-one in half the arena. The hockey rink is half cur­tained off, but even with that, or­ga­niz­ers are scram­bling at the last minute to cor­don off more sec­tions be­hind thick black cur­tains, they say due to a lack of sales. I paid $177 weeks in ad­vance. (I passed on the pricey meet-and­greet op­tion.) On the day of the event, some un­sold tick­ets are slashed to sin­gle dig­its,” Dowd writes.

“I get re­as­signed to an­other sec­tion as the Clin­tons’ au­di­ence space shrinks. But even with all the herd­ing, I’m still look­ing at large swaths of empty seats — and I cringe at the thought that the Clin­tons will look out and see that, too. It was only four years ago, af­ter all, that Cana­di­ans were clam­or­ing to buy tick­ets to see the woman who seemed headed for his­tory. I can’t fathom why the Clin­tons would make like ag­ing rock stars and go on a tour of Canada and the U.S. at a mo­ment when Democrats are hop­ing to break the stran­gle­hold of their clois­tered, su­per­an­nu­ated lead­er­ship and ex­ult in a mo­saic of ex­cit­ing new faces.”

So here’s the math: It’s Christ­mas 2018. Come Jan­uary, the 2020 pres­i­den­tial con­test be­gins in earnest. Democrats take over the House (look for end­less in­ves­ti­ga­tions into Pres­i­dent Trump), and the loud­est, most par­ti­san in the party will rise to the top. For­mer Demo­cratic Na­tional Com­mit­tee Chair­man Donna Brazile said Tues­day that there might be up­ward of 30 peo­ple run­ning for the Demo­cratic nom­i­na­tion.

Now, make no mis­take: Hil­lary will milk 2019 for all it’s worth. She’ll try to make it look like she might — just might — jump in for one last run. Some liberal sup­port­ers in the main­stream me­dia (not Ms. Dowd, ap­par­ently), will push an­other run by the two-time loser. And she’ll use her dwin­dling clout to make even more money. (How much is enough with these peo­ple?)

But she won’t run, and she knows she won’t. Still, the pair just can’t bear to go away. Ms. Dowd summed up why: “The Clin­tons refuse to be dis­carded. It has been their joint pro­ject for half a cen­tury to be at the cen­ter of the pub­lic scene and de­bate. The way that the whole thing came crash­ing down in 2016 is too hard for them to bear. They would like to re­write the end­ing, but there is no way to do that.”

No, there’s not. And Bill and Hil­lary are about to go away for­ever. The day is nearly here. Joseph Curl cov­ered the White House and pol­i­tics for a decade for The Wash­ing­ton Times. He can be reached at [email protected] and on Twit­ter @josephcurl.

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