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A re­cent Gallup poll got con­sid­er­able news cov­er­age and some scream­ing head­lines by revealing that “Four-out-of 10 Amer­i­cans embrace some form of so­cial­ism.” It is un­der­stand­able that such a find­ing would prove in­tensely in­ter­est­ing in a po­lit­i­cal cli­mate which finds Demo­cratic so­cial­ism both in style and in­trigu­ing among many young vot­ers. But with­out further ado, let us con­sider the deeper num­bers on Gallup’s sig­nif­i­cant sur­vey — and here they are, taken from the poll­ster’s com­plete re­sponses and trends:

Among all Amer­i­cans, 51% said so­cial­ism was a “bad thing” for America. The poll found that 84% of Repub­li­cans and 78% of con­ser­va­tives agreed with that. Among Democrats, 25% said the ide­ol­ogy was a neg­a­tive fac­tor, along with 14% of lib­er­als. Among in­de­pen­dents, 48% said so­cial­ism was a neg­a­tive, as did 47% of mod­er­ates.

Let’s keep go­ing: 56% of men and 47% of women agreed that so­cial­ism was a “bad thing.” So did 59% per­cent of whites, 35% of “non-whites”; 37% of those ages 18-34 years, 52% of those 35-54 and 60% of those over age 55 also frowned on so­cial­ism. Gallup also found that 50% of college grads frowned on so­cial­ism, as did 59% of those with some college and 46% of those with a high school di­ploma, or less.

Lots of num­bers. In­ter­est­ing vari­ances. But wait, there’s more.

Gallup also found that 57% of Amer­i­cans pre­dict that most of the na­tions of the world will be Demo­cratic 50 years from now _ a be­lief shared by 56% of Repub­li­cans, 52% of in­de­pen­dents sand 67% of Democrats. An­other 29% felt that the fu­ture na­tions would be so­cial­ist; 30% of Repub­li­cans, 32% of in­de­pen­dents and 23% of Democrats agreed. Also of note: 6% said the na­tions would be com­mu­nist; 5% of Repub­li­cans, 8% of in­de­pen­dents and 3% of Democrats agreed. pres­i­dent, some­times with graphic or vi­o­lent lan­guage. The re­searchers found 19 sus­pi­cious In­sta­gram accounts that took the lead in pro­mot­ing anti-Trump con­tent.” Ghost Data also tracked the dam­age. “In to­tal, the posts from the accounts gen­er­ated have more than 35.2 mil­lion in­ter­ac­tions, with 3.9 mil­lion of those in­ter­ac­tions oc­cur­ring in the last two months. The study con­cluded that the anti-Trump In­sta­gram cam­paign has ramped up over the past sev­eral months, with the net­work’s ac­tiv­i­ties swelling ‘dra­mat­i­cally’ since April.”


A wide-rang­ing Gallup poll finds Repub­li­cans and con­ser­va­tives are in the lead when it comes to dis­ap­proval of so­cial­ism in America.

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