Cit­i­zen guns threaten govern­ment

The Washington Times Weekly - - Letters To The Editor - STEPHEN PHILLIPS Ki­hei, Hawaii

The Wash­ing­ton Post re­cently de­cided to honor ev­ery vic­tim of mass shoot­ings in the past 54 years by print­ing their names in the pa­per. Yet that num­ber was only 1,196. Now, I’m not be­lit­tling the vic­tims’ mem­o­ries, but if this num­ber is cor­rect, guns are the safest things to own be­sides socks.

Tens of thou­sands die ev­ery year from opi­oids, car crashes, work ac­ci­dents and more. Yet we didn’t hear a peep about opi­oids un­til the Trump ad­min­is­tra­tion went to war against them. So if guns are re­spon­si­ble for such a low num­ber (not counting reg­u­lar crime statis­tics and sui­cides), why is the left pearl-clutch­ing and scream­ing anti-gun? Sim­ple: It has noth­ing to do with mass shoot­ings, vic­tims or crime. It has to do with the Amer­i­can-cit­i­zen gun owner.

If the left dis­arms cit­i­zens, it’s eas­ier to con­trol them. Hitler dis­armed the Jews, Stalin dis­armed Soviet cit­i­zens, and now they want to dis­arm you. An armed cit­i­zen is dan­ger­ous to a tyran­ni­cal govern­ment; he or she keeps it in check. An armed cit­i­zen can de­fend him- or her­self. Just look at Hong Kong and Venezuela. Let us learn from his­tory and cur­rent events. Don’t be a sheep.

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