Trump had fore­sight on Syria

The Washington Times Weekly - - Letters To The Editor - GRE­GORY J. TOPLIFF War­renville, South Carolina

Hav­ing been in com­bat, I have a se­ri­ous prob­lem with those Trump-bashing arm­chair war­riors who wanted our troops to stay in Syria. These peo­ple in­clude my se­na­tor, Lind­sey Gra­ham, who knows ex­actly noth­ing about be­ing in com­bat.

Many peo­ple were say­ing that if our mil­i­tary were in Syria, it would de­ter Turkey from in­vad­ing. What makes any­one think that Turkey would send thou­sands of troops to in­vade Syria — and then stop be­cause we were there?

Mr. Gra­ham and those sup­port­ing him are dead wrong for want­ing us to stay in Syria with the Rus­sians to sup­port the Kurds. I am a for­mer Marine squad leader in 60 mor­tars in Viet­nam (now on a 100 per­cent dis­abil­ity from that war). We cap­tured Rus­sian sur­faceto-air-mis­siles and killed Rus­sian ad­vis­ers sup­port­ing North Viet­nam. Trust­ing them would have been like ask­ing a bank rob­ber to guard a bank.

Fur­ther, ac­cord­ing to news re­ports Turkey houses 50 of our nukes, and thanks to Pres­i­dent Obama’s cow­ardice there are Syr­ian fac­tions, Rus­sians, Ira­ni­ans, the Is­lamic State, the Kurds and now the Turks all in one arena. Two of our sup­posed al­lies in NATO are Rus­sia and Turkey. So I ask: With whom were we sup­posed to side in or­der to pro­tect the Kurds?

What no­body else saw (or didn’t want to see) ex­cept Mr. Trump was an un­ten­able sit­u­a­tion that would have stuck us in the mid­dle of chaos. From my per­spec­tive, stay­ing in a bat­tle zone with so many fac­tions and un­trust­wor­thy coun­tries would have been a dis­as­ter. Mr. Trump made his ad­just­ment to take our mil­i­tary out of harm’s way. If Mr. Gra­ham and the other fools can’t un­der­stand that, they should don flak jack­ets and hel­mets and put boots on the ground in a com­bat zone — then tell us all about war.

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