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U.S. not looking good under Biden


Prior to last November’s election, a social media post expressed concern that voters, impressed by President Trump’s successful economic policies, might “mistakenly” reelect him. The author went on to spew hatred of Mr. Trump, vowing to “vote for a rock” in reference thereto.

One finds such spiel irrational, yet fascinatin­g. What churns within this man’s resentful id? The underlying impetus can be in only one of two areas: personal ego or Orwellian group think.

As to the former, if one had spent up to a half-million dollars absorbing ideas (currently taught as fact in our universiti­es) that socialism is good, all caucasians are evil, the entire mass of the world’s poor may enter our borders, the police are routinely brutal and are unnecessar­y, globalism is good and God is dead, one might be offended if those ideas were challenged or contradict­ed. Embracing foolish ideas (and paying huge amounts of money to do so) would label one a fool at the very least. They couldn’t bear that.

Ideologues have branded Mr. Trump insane, as a pawn of Russia, a liar, a racist, etc.

Orwellian sheep bleated, “Trump bad, anything else good.”

Given the fact France isn’t exactly a conservati­ve culture, President Macron’s recent expression­s of concern regarding America’s increasing weirdness, combined with Mexico’s chief executive labeling Joe Biden “the immigarati­on president,” should give one pause. Such expression­s do not reflect admiration.



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