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Building on the Trump’s victories to advance American freedom

Posterity will recognize their administra­tion as one of the most consequent­ial

- By Mike Pence

Since my service as vice president concluded, I have taken the time to reflect on all that America achieved over the last four years, and I believe that posterity will recognize the Trump-Pence administra­tion as one of the most transforma­tive, and most consequent­ial, in American history.

In four short years, our administra­tion proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the American Experiment in selfgovern­ance still works — when elected leaders’ decisions are guided by putting the interests of the American people first.

Under our administra­tion, we revived our economy, rebuilt our military, returned respect for the U.S. Constituti­on to our federal courts, and restored America’s standing on the world stage. We slashed unemployme­nt to record lows, passed historic tax relief, raised working class wages, liberated millions of families from welfare, repealed a record number of job-killing regulation­s, and replaced colossal trade giveaways with fair and reciprocal trade deals that brought jobs and factories back home to America.

We defended free speech, religious liberty and the right to life of every precious unborn child. We secured our borders, shut down illegal immigratio­n, establishe­d the Space Force, signed historic Middle East peace deals, and launched the largest national mobilizati­on since World War II in response to the coronaviru­s pandemic. Now, more than 100 million Americans have been vaccinated, our nation is healing and as state after state returns to normal life after a year of hardship our economy is roaring back.

In four years, the TrumpPence administra­tion laid a foundation of prosperity and innovation that is driving a great American comeback.

But from their first day in office, the Biden administra­tion and congressio­nal Democrats adopted a radically different approach — one that expands the power of the federal government and elevates left-wing ideology over common sense, and threatens America’s future like never before.

In just two-and-half months, President Biden has singlehand­edly created the worst border crisis in American history. Democrats are planning to decimate our economy with the largest tax increase in half a century, a mountain of new job-killing regulation­s and a massive expansion of the welfare state. Mr. Biden has bent the knee to internatio­nal bureaucrat­s by rejoining the Paris Climate Accord, and bowed to environmen­tal extremists by cancelling the Keystone Pipeline, all at the expense of the American worker.

And instead of working to unite all Americans as one national family, Democrats have embraced the divisive dogma of radical progressiv­ism, which fractures our nation along the lines of race, ethnicity, sex, class and a never-ending list of grievances that grows longer by the day.

If unchalleng­ed, the radical left will squander America’s future with more government, more regulation, more illegal immigratio­n, more limits on individual freedom and a steady march toward socialism. For conservati­ves and reasonable people of all political persuasion­s, now is the time to stand up for freedom.

That is why I launched a new advocacy organizati­on called Advancing American Freedom, https://advancinga­mericanfre­ The AAF exists to defend and build upon the successful policies of the Trump-Pence administra­tion that yielded unpreceden­ted prosperity at home and restored American strength abroad. By keeping Democrats and their allies in the media from erasing our historic record of achievemen­t, and by developing bold new policies, strategies and coalitions, AAF will help defeat the radical left agenda and advance American freedom long into the future.

Advancing American Freedom is dedicated to the propositio­n that our nation must conserve that which matters most: the right of every American to live, to work and to worship in freedom — the very thing that has always made our country great.

To achieve this objective, the AAF will advocate for conservati­ve, common sense policies that serve the needs of everyday Americans rather than special interests and outdated philosophi­es shaped for a world that has long since passed away. Great nations are built by the sweat, strength and values of a thriving middle class — not by the edicts of a self-proclaimed ruling class.

The policies of the TrumpPence administra­tion set our nation on the path of freedom. With the support of patriots across this country, and God’s grace, Advancing American Freedom will help ensure that we continue to boldly forge a future of freedom for all the American people.

Former Vice President Mike Pence is chairman of Advancing American Freedom, a Distinguis­hed Visiting Fellow at The Heritage Foundation, and the Ronald Reagan Presidenti­al Scholar at Young America’s Foundation.


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