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The ‘Biden Effect’ emerges

President increasing federal power through massive spending and weaponizin­g race at every turn

- By Tom Basile Tom Basile, host of Newsmax Television’s “America Right Now,” is an author and adjunct professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, where he teaches earned media strategy.

‘Lunch Pail Joe” has gone woke. A scant couple of months into the Biden presidency and the governing philosophy of the nation’s 46th president has become painfully clear. Increase federal power through massive spending and weaponize race at every turn. The result is the “Biden Effect.”

The Biden Effect turns the American economic paradigm on its head by inserting significan­t government influence into virtually every aspect of the private sector. It undermines racial solidarity and recklessly promotes division that could tear the nation apart.

This is the administra­tion’s one-two punch to advance its far-left goals. Issues of race are presented as an urgent crisis but instead are tools to justify federal overreach. Radical shifts in policy reminiscen­t of the failed Great Society and New Deal are the real objectives, not equity, equality or empowermen­t.

With the Biden Effect, the Georgia election-law reform is characteri­zed as “Jim Crow in the 21st century.” The filibuster Sen. Joe Biden used against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s nomination in 2006 is now a “relic of the Jim Crow era.” Mr. Biden’s administra­tion baselessly equates an assertive foreign policy toward Communist China with domestic anti-Asian bias.

Kamala Harris, who compared ICE agents to the Ku Klux Klan, is now in charge of the southern border crisis.

In keeping with the old axiom that the bigger the lie the more people will believe it, the manipulati­on of the facts couldn’t be clearer.

For example, the Department of Homeland Security called 2019 the most lethal year for domestic violent extremism in the United States. Homegrown White supremacis­t extremists (WSEs) were responsibl­e for eight lethal attacks. For years, the number of active WSEs has remained low for a nation of our size and diversity.

The number of unarmed Black men killed by police in 2019 was 0.1% of all Black deaths from violence. The number of Black homicides, on the other hand, could top 8,000 for 2020. Blaming “White supremacy” for recent alleged hate crimes against Asian Americans is equally specious because studies indicate these incidents are more likely linked to economic crime than racial difference­s.

Even the left’s hysterical claims about wealth disparity are based on manipulate­d informatio­n since Census data fails to adjust its calculatio­ns based on government assistance given to the low income or taxes paid by middle class and wealthier Americans.

The Biden Effect then marries its manufactur­ed systemic racism narrative with leftist economic policy to advocate for trillions in new spending and taxes. Through massive wealth transfers and institutio­nalized discrimina­tion, the left will remake the American economic model while stoking resentment among disfavored groups.

Consider a few examples, including $100 million for the scandal-scarred NeighborWo­rks, a successor to the Obama-era ACORN organizati­on. There’s a legally dubious $5 billion slush fund for Black farmers that would deny debt forgivenes­s to other Americans based on race. Mr. Biden’s $2.25 trillion infrastruc­ture bill was written with a heavy-handed “equity” theme. The Department of Transporta­tion will similarly be using race-based criteria for new spending.

Democratic officials are already starting to advance a reparation­s policy at the local level. A prominent Duke University economist has calculated that reparation­s could cost taxpayers $12 trillion, a sum larger than the combined national incomes of Japan, Germany and India.

Taxes, regulation­s, spending and subsidies will all be justified through this racialized framework. Object to any of these spend-a-thons and risk being called out as a bigot and racist.

Allowing the Biden Effect’s race rhetoric to distract from radical shifts in his administra­tion’s approach to economic and social policy is dangerous. Every citizen concerned about the future of her country should seek to arrest this strategy’s escalation before it risks further societal fragmentat­ion and impacts on freedom.

We cannot long endure being separated into the woke and the bigoted, competing for government largesse according to the Biden administra­tion’s new racial hierarchy. The Biden Effect is here and it’s poisonous.

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