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‘Biden Southwest Two-Step’

The president aims to liberate both border and ballot box


Chaotic times spell trouble for most, opportunit­y for others. By opening the floodgates of immigratio­n and weakening laws preventing noncitizen­s from voting in U.S. elections, President Biden and friends are choreograp­hing what they hope will result in an unbreakabl­e Democratic Party lock on American governance for generation­s to come. Call it the Biden Southwest Two-Step.

With more than 16,000 illegal immigrant children already in U.S. custody along the southern border, Mr. Biden attempted during his inaugural press conference last week to cast the surge as more the result of migration patterns than politics: “Well look, I guess I should be flattered if people are coming because I’m the nice guy,” said the president. “But the truth of the matter is, nothing has changed.” The northbound human traffic, he claimed, “happens every single, solitary year.”

Really? The number of border crossings, according to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, has reached a 20-year high.

Mr. Biden’s campaign pledge to “end Trump’s detrimenta­l asylum policies,” together with his Inaugurati­on Day halt of border wall constructi­on, are acting as powerful immigratio­n magnets. And photos of supplicati­ng immigrants garbed in red, white and blue “Biden Please Let Us In” T-shirts serve as proof. There is little reason to doubt the reckoning of former acting director of Immigratio­n and Customs Enforcemen­t Tom Homan, telling Fox News that “this isn’t incompeten­ce. This is by design.” And the design is Step One in growing millions of new members for the Democratic Party.

Americans are not buying Mr. Biden’s “nice guy” narrative, contending his administra­tion inherited a broken immigratio­n system and is working resolutely to fix it. A Rasmussen Reports poll conducted for Just the News last week found that when asked to affix blame for the border chaos, 40% of respondent­s named Mr. Biden. Those agreeing with the president that Donald Trump is to blame for the trouble measured 27%. Another 12% pointed the finger at Congress, and 21% were unsure.

Meanwhile, congressio­nal Democrats intend to accomplish Step Two by passing the For the People Act, which would end state management of U.S. elections and make them a federal function. The measure would, among other things, restrict the ability of states to validate eligibilit­y of persons registerin­g to vote, ban voters from needing to show an ID, prevent states from removing ineligible and deceased voters from their rolls, mandate online voter registrati­on, expand mail-in voting options, and authorize unrestrict­ed ballot harvesting.

The more new immigrants — citizens or noncitizen­s — who cast ballots, the better the outcome for the president and his party. A 2020 Pew Research survey found that Hispanics who identify as Democrats outnumber those who affiliate with Republican­s 63% to 29%.

Removing barriers first at the border and, second, at the polling station is the Biden Southwest Two-Step. Unless Republican­s jump into the breach with both feet, Democrats are likely to wipe the floor with them forevermor­e.

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