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Non-White-farmer stimulus not justified


President Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus package excludes White farmers from $5 billion in debt relief offered to nonWhite farmers (“Biden stimulus earmark for only non-White farmers blasted as racism,” Page 1, April 1).

The Times quotes supporters of the bill defending this exclusion based on the claim that Black farmers suffered from “systemic discrimina­tion” by the Departmen of Agricultur­e. But the bill doesn’t just give debt relief to Black farmers; it gives also to “Hispanic, American Indian, and Asian American farmers.”

Judges have ruled that discrimina­tion against Black people can’t be remedied with affirmativ­e action for all non-Whites. For example, a history of discrimina­tion against Blacks didn’t justify an affirmativ­e-action program that included Asians, according to a

New Jersey appeals court. So in 2001 the court struck the whole program down in L. Feriozzi Concrete Co. v. CRDA.

Yet, the $5 billion in debt relief is available to all non-White groups, even though no discrimina­tion against Asians or Pacific Islanders was ever alleged in the class-action lawsuit that supposedly shows “systemic discrimina­tion” against Black individual­s.

Moreover, the discrimina­tion alleged in that lawsuit is just too old and stale to justify affirmativ­e action, under court rulings such as Brunet v. City of Columbus (1993).


Arlington, Virginia

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