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Biden projects need China backing


Thomas Jefferson, our third president, explained that infrastruc­ture improvemen­ts could only be accomplish­ed by the states. To change this, a Constituti­onal Convention would be needed because, as James Madison said, the enumerated powers given to the national government did not include the ability to build things such as roads and canals.

James Polk, our 11th president, and Franklin Pierce, our 14th, vetoed or opposed federal infrastruc­ture measures.

Under emergency conditions Lincoln, our 16th president, pushed through federal railroad, river and harbor legislatio­n. Rutherford Hayes, our 19th president, was OK with federal infrastruc­ture projects if they were “of a national character.”

By the time of Harry Truman (our 32nd president), America was shipping taxpayer dollars overseas to rebuild war-torn Europe. Eisenhower, our 33rd president, initiated the national highway system. Our 42nd president, George W. Bush, promised to rebuild every power station in Iraq.

Today the multi-trillion-dollar projects proposed by President Biden will have to be financed by America’s creditors, including Communist China. Why should Chairman Mao step up to the plate before the 50 American states? Who’s living in this country, anyway?


Woods Cross, Utah

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