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Discrimina­tion against Whites is racism


In the past year I have watched our nation boil over with hatred and mistrust, and there has been one political party that has poured fuel on the flames: the Democratic Party.

In the response to the terrible, senseless murder of George Floyd by an immoral and uncaring police officer, Democrats accused the majority of police of being racist. They accused most white Americans of being racist as well. So, America, is this true?

During the 60-plus days of the Biden administra­tion I have heard the president say that the new Georgia election law is racist. President Biden has called the representa­tives who passed this law racist. Does that mean all the people who voted for these elected officials are racist as well? Mr. Biden said the new law was “Jim Crow in the 21st century” numerous times. Does this rhetoric sound like healing the soul of America, which Mr. Biden promised?

The Biden administra­tion sees racism everywhere. Climate change and infrastruc­ture?

It’s there. Health care and education? Of course. The military, law enforcemen­t and justice? It’s there, too. There is nowhere in American society today that is free, according to the Democrats, of racism. Complain about the situation at our southern border and you are a racist. Disagree with spending billions on the New Green Deal and you’re a racist.

I am a White man. The Biden/Harris administra­tion says because I’m White I automatica­lly have privilege. What the Democrats are doing is the exact definition of discrimina­tion. They are judging me because of my skin color. Isn’t that racism?

I believe in the words of Martin Luther King Jr., who said, “I look to the day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” I believe in Martin Luther King’s America, not Joe Biden’s.


Kokomo, Indiana

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