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Whites not inherently racist


I was brought up Roman Catholic. I was baptized as an infant to be absolved of original sin. What sin I had perpetrate­d, I could never completely understand. Later in life, it was vaguely explained to me. I accepted it and was grateful for being forgiven.

An additional infraction has now been leveled against me, this time concerning inherent racism. I’m told that insidious racist tendencies reside within me. I must seek remediatio­n to eradicate these feelings of White superiorit­y. This time my baptism will be performed by the sanctimoni­ous left. Salvation will only come when I admit that my skin pigmentati­on allows me shameful advantages I don’t deserve.

I must yield to foolish ideas of social justice and support the narrative no matter how disingenuo­us and deceitful it might be.

In my 70 short years of existence, I’ve observed tremendous improvemen­t toward the understand­ing and acceptance of a wide range of social issues. Race relations have figured prominentl­y in this renaissanc­e — until recently.

For those seeking political gain by keeping alive the idea that our country is profoundly and systemical­ly racist, you’re pulling us all into a chasm that seems nearly impossible to escape. You should be ashamed.


Bloomingto­n, Indiana

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