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And you thought Trump was a dictator


To those who considered the actions of President Trump dictatoria­l and not to be permitted during his four-year term in office, certainly the executive orders and appointmen­ts of President Biden in the past three months have exceeded Mr. Trump’s unilateral actions.

In his brief time in office, Mr. Biden has demonstrat­ed a disregard not only for the Republican Party but also many in the Democratic Party, as he has made decisions that cannot be considered bipartisan but instead are terminally unilateral. Many have followed absolutely the demands of the progressiv­e wing of Mr. Biden’s own party, ignoring for the most part the moderate wing that got him elected.

For the most part, Mr. Biden’s appointees have been anti-Israel and against the interests of our Arab allies, particular­ly concerning Iran. Mr. Biden’s domestic actions, including tearing down the protective wall against illegal immigratio­n and essentiall­y allowing a free flow of migrants into our nation, has met with disapprova­l from all elements of the political spectra. Mr. Trump was a piker compared to Mr. Biden.


New York

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