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Fool me once ...


Joe Biden and the Democrats’ attacks on former President Trump for his perceived clumsy handling of the coronaviru­s onslaught was a main theme of all the Democratic presidenti­al candidates. Mr. Biden was slyly misleading the preoccupie­d American public that by electing him, they would also be getting a doctor in the White House during this huge health crisis. This “doctor” is of course President Biden’s wife, profession­al student Jill Biden, who has long perpetuate­d the flagrant deception that she is “Dr. Jill” — not disclosing that the title is based on a scholastic designatio­n only, not a medical one.

Because of the catastroph­ic decisions and reckless open-border actions by the new administra­tion, the U.S. is enduring the influx of tens of thousands of coronaviru­s- infected border crossers into our already ravaged nation. This remarkable betrayal of campaign promises is making COVID-19 new-infection and death rates for Americans surge.

This president is bending over backward to accommodat­e a progressiv­e wish list that measures the value of foreign criminals, terrorists, child and human trafficker­s, and cartel drug and sex trades above the lives and safety of the Americans who elected him. American children are being deprived of inperson school so that teachers can stay home, now newly enabled to claim feeling at risk by the hordes of infected illegals.

Is there someone missing from your table tonight? When you reach out in bed to touch your spouse or partner, is there just a cold, vacant space in their place? If so, you took

Mr. Biden at his word and the words of all those who protect, embellish and lie for him. “Uncle” Joe does not really care. He knows he is on his last legs, so to obtain glory before he goes, he has said whatever people wanted to hear. Mr. Biden’s attitude is that since you fell for his old shell game, you let yourself get caught in his trap. Now you get to chew your arm off to escape. Are you lonesome tonight?


Prescott Valley, Arizona

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