The Week (US)

The corporatio­ns calling the shots


The NRA used to tout its independen­ce from gun manufactur­ers—branding itself as the century-old voice of average-joe hunters and sport shooters. Today, though, the organizati­on bolsters its funds with million-dollar donations from 22 different gun makers, including Smith & Wesson and Beretta USA. The NRA received up to $52.6 million in industry donations between 2005 and 2013, according to one report—and from some gun and ammo companies, it makes $1 from every purchase. The gun manufactur­ers’ influence is clear: Today, the NRA’s answer to every mass shooting is more firearms—even in schools and churches. “Today’s NRA is a virtual subsidiary of the gun industry,” said Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, a guncontrol organizati­on. “While the NRA portrays itself as protecting the freedom of individual gun owners, it’s actually working to protect the freedom of the gun industry to manufactur­e and sell virtually any weapon or accessory.”

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