Sleep-de­prived teenagers

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Teenagers who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to en­gage in risky and even sui­ci­dal be­hav­ior, ac­cord­ing to a new study. Re­searchers ex­am­ined surveys com­pleted by 68,000 high school stu­dents be­tween 2007 and 2015. They found that, com­pared with teenagers who got the rec­om­mended min­i­mum of eight hours of sleep a night or more, stu­dents who slept less than six hours were roughly twice as likely to drink al­co­hol, smoke, use drugs, or en­gage in risky sex­ual be­hav­ior. They were also three times more likely to en­gage in self-harm and con­sider or at­tempt sui­cide. Those who slept six to seven hours a night were also more likely to en­gage in un­safe be­hav­iors than those who hit the eighthour mark; over­all, more than 70 per­cent of the stu­dents weren’t get­ting the rec­om­mended eight to 10 hours. Lead au­thor Matthew Weaver, from the Brigham and Women’s Hospi­tal in Bos­ton, tells Reuters .com it’s pos­si­ble that sleep de­pri­va­tion may cause changes in the brain that lead to “more im­pul­sive and emo­tion­ally driven de­ci­sions.”

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