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■■ A man dressed as a medieval knight and car­ry­ing a 3-foot-long sword cre­ated some con­cern in a park in the U.K., bring­ing po­lice armed with guns. Len­non Thomas, 20, was con­fronted by po­lice in Cardiff and or­dered to put the weapon down, be­fore he ex­plained that he was sim­ply try­ing out a cos­tume he uses for his hobby of fan­tasy role­play­ing. Thomas apol­o­gized for a “lapse in judg­ment,” con­ced­ing, “Per­haps it was a lit­tle stupid of me to bring the sword, as from a dis­tance it does look re­al­is­tic.” He added: “Life is a lot more fun when you don’t care how weird you are.”

■■ A 90year-old Ja­panese woman has de­vel­oped an on­line fol­low­ing for her skill at play­ing video games. Ha­mako Mori, known as the “Gam­ing Grandma,” said she ac­quired her pas­sion for gam­ing 39 years ago while watch­ing chil­dren play. “It looked so much fun,” she said, adding it wasn’t “fair if only chil­dren” got to play. Today, 150,000 YouTube fol­low­ers log in to watch her play her fa­vorite game: the vi­o­lent Grand Theft Auto 5, where a car­jacker kills peo­ple with an as­sort­ment of weapons. “I am truly en­joy­ing my life,” she said. “It’s rosy.”

■■ A Mary­land restau­ra­teur is em­ploy­ing a novel method to keep cus­tomers 6 feet apart. Shawn Har­man pur­chased 10 “bumper ta­bles,” plat­forms with wheels at­tached and sur­rounded by an in­flated in­ner tube. The tube al­lows a sin­gle oc­cu­pant to move about the res­tau­rant’s 3,000-square­foot park­ing lot while stay­ing 6 feet from other guests. “If you come in to get a pound of shrimp and a beer, you can stand in one of these and walk around,” Har­man said. The cus­tomer re­sponse, he said, is “ex­tremely strong.”

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