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A ban on bans: Florida Gov. Ron

DeSantis this week signed a law making his state the first to prohibit social media companies from banning political candidates. The measure threatens companies like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube with fines of $250,000 per day if they suspend the account of a candidate for statewide office for more than 14 days. The fine is $25,000 for local races. It also limits the ability of social networks to block content from news outlets. The law exempts companies that own theme parks—a carve-out for tourism-driver Disney. Florida Republican­s passed the legislatio­n in response to Facebook’s and Twitter’s suspension­s of former President Donald Trump. Civil liberties advocates said the legislatio­n was blatantly unconstitu­tional and predicted it would be struck down in court. “It’s a brazen assault on the First Amendment,” said Corbin Barthold, internet policy counsel for the TechFreedo­m think tank.

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