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Stresa, Italy


Cable car disaster: Three men have been arrested on manslaught­er charges over a cable car crash in northern Italy that killed 14 people. Prosecutor­s said the men—the cable car company’s service chief, its director, and its owner—admitted that the car’s emergency brake had been deactivate­d because of faulty performanc­e. So when a cable snapped as the car neared Mount Mottarone’s 5,000-foot summit, there was nothing to stop the car speeding downhill. It was traveling at 60 mph when it smashed into a pylon and fell into trees above the town of Stresa. The lone survivor, a 5-year-old Israeli boy, is in a critical condition at a Turin hospital. Prosecutor­s believe the company deactivate­d the emergency brake to avoid closing the funicular for a lengthy repair.

 ??  ?? After the crash
After the crash

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