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Baiyin, China


Ultra-marathon tragedy: China’s ultra-running community was in shock this week after a 62-mile mountain race in the country’s remote northwest was hit by a freak storm, leaving at least 21 competitor­s dead. The runners were pelted with freezing rain and hail and battered by intense wind gusts on a high mountain pass. Many of those who died were experience­d competitor­s, including ultra-marathon champ Liang Jing, 31, and Huang Guanjun, 34, winner of the men’s hearing-impaired marathon at China’s 2019 Paralympic­s. Six runners were rescued by shepherd Zhu Keming, who led them to a cave where he had stocked emergency supplies. China’s General Administra­tion of Sport said from now on it will require organizers of ultra-races to make detailed contingenc­y plans for weather and rescue.

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Mountain rescue

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