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A possible ‘guinea pig’


Were a pair of National Security Agency operatives targeted in a directed energy attack in 1996, two decades before the Havana cases? Mike

Beck, a retired NSA officer, believes he and a colleague, Charles Gubete, were attacked that year while on assignment in a “hostile country” he’s not allowed to name. Beck awoke one morning intensely groggy and disoriente­d in his hotel. The symptoms passed, but 10 years later, at 45, he lost control of the right side of his body and was diagnosed with a rare, nontremor form of Parkinson’s. Gubete, then 55, developed the same form of Parkinson’s. “I thought this is not coincident­al that we’re both presenting the same variant of Parkinson’s at the same time,” Beck said. In 2013, Beck filed a worker’s compensati­on claim saying he’d been injured on the job, citing a classified report that the country he’d visited was thought to have a “high-powered microwave system weapon” that could injure without evidence. Intelligen­ce sources told the Washington Examiner they believe Beck and Gubete were “guinea pigs” for a Russian directed-energy program. The Labor Department has denied Beck’s claim because he can provide no evidence he was attacked, but he continues to press his case. “I’m just looking for what’s right out of this,” he said.

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