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A wanted poster on social media


The Citizen app sparked a manhunt in Southern California, said Scott Morris in TheVerge .com—for the wrong man. The safety app, which alerts users about crime in their area based on dispatches from police and fire scanners, recently launched a feature called OnAir to “broadcast public safety notices.” Last weekend, an OnAir alert offered “$30,000 cash” to “hunt down” an alleged arsonist responsibl­e for recent wildfires in Southern California. The bounty was “personally mandated by Citizen founder and CEO Andrew Frame,” who owns “a Bel Air mansion within 10 miles of the blaze.” Only one problem: “The man pictured had no connection to the fires, and once he was located by law enforcemen­t, he was quickly released for lack of evidence.” purchases. Cook repeatedly claimed “that Apple has never calculated the profitabil­ity of its App Store,” and said that the company has knocked down its fee to 15 percent for smaller developers. U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, who is deciding the case on her own, had earlier called Apple’s usual 30 percent fee “troubling.” She also questioned Cook about the sincerity of Apple’s concern for consumers and developers.

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