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Changing the Game

Transgende­r athletes are testing what youth sports is all about. This penetratin­g documentar­y charts the trials and triumphs of three accomplish­ed high schoolers. Mack Beggs becomes a Texas state champion wrestling as a girl while transition­ing to male. Connecticu­t teenager Andraya Yearwood, born male, faces stiff criticism while competing as a sprinter against girls. Sarah Huckman, a New Hampshire teen, excels at two sports while finding her voice as a transgende­r activist. Available Tuesday, June 1, Hulu The Legacy of Black Wall Street

A century after the 1921 race massacre in Tulsa, a two-part special turns the focus away from the white mob violence to tell two related stories. The city’s Greenwood District was known as Black Wall Street because innovators had built it into an economic powerhouse. And after the 36-block area was burned to the ground, Black survivors migrated west to create a new future. Begins Tuesday, June 1, at 9 p.m., OWN

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal:

The Movie

Sailor Moon, middle school–age superhero, introduced a generation of young American TV watchers to anime and magical girl powers. Twenty-six years after she and her fellow Sailor Guardians last teamed up in a big-screen adventure, the enduring fashion icons and LGBTQ pioneers have returned in a movie that has played as a double feature in Japan. Here the superheroe­s’ foe is the Dead Moon Circus, a chaos-sowing group that emerges in the wake of a solar eclipse. Available Thursday, June 3, Netflix

Breaking Boundaries: The Science of

Our Planet

The systems that sustain life on Earth are under threat. In this clarifying documentar­y, environmen­tal scientist Johan Rockström is joined by legendary naturalist David Attenborou­gh to lay out several fast-approachin­g tipping points to ecological collapse. They identify the current decade as the moment when humanity must steer away from disaster by altering how we farm, eat, and harness energy. Fortunatel­y, there are also signs that the green revolution may be reaching tipping points of its own. Available Friday, June 4, Netflix Sweet Tooth

Gus, a boy born with deer antlers, is growing up in a post-apocalypti­c America where other “hybrids” are being hunted down by humans who fear them. In a new show based on a DC Comics series and co-produced by Robert Downey Jr., Gus has just been orphaned when he trusts his future to a man who saved his life and promises to lead him to a sanctuary in Colorado. With Nonso Anozie and Will Forte. Available Friday, June 4, Netflix

Other highlights


A new half-hour adult animated series follows a small menagerie of house pets in group therapy, with voices by Sharon Horgan, Lisa Kudrow, and Tony Hale. Monday, May 31, at 9 p.m., Fox The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga return as paranormal investigat­ors Ed and Lorraine Warren in the new installmen­t of the blockbuste­r horror franchise featuring a teenage murder defendant who claims demonic possession. Available

Friday, June 4, HBO Max

Feel Good

A new season begins for Mae Martin’s semiautobi­ographical series about a nonbinary comedian fighting addiction and building a relationsh­ip with a woman named George. Charlotte Ritchie co-stars. Available Friday, June 4, Netflix

 ??  ?? Changing the Game: Two transgende­r sprinters
Changing the Game: Two transgende­r sprinters

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