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The 2021 Ferrari Roma: What the critics say


Car and Driver

If you like the idea of a Ferrari but not its usual show-off looks, “the Roma may be just right.” The shapely new grand tourer “recalls Ferraris from the ’50s and ’60s.” Based on the Portofino convertibl­e, it has a sharklike snout leading to flowing bodywork and fenders that “flare like a Sophia Loren sigh.” There’s a 612 hp V- 8 under the hood and “serious performanc­e hardware” throughout. But when driven moderately, this four-seater invites the driver to relax and enjoy the ride.

Motor Trend

“No other GT—Aston Martin DB11, Bentley

Continenta­l—comes close to having the calm precision of this Ferrari.” Credit the “utterly seamless” onboard dynamic control system. “It works with you as a driver, helping you achieve what you want to achieve,” whatever your mood or skill level. This is a glamorous cruiser “designed to cross continents,” not tear around a racetrack. “But its sheer pace and unflappabl­e poise on a demanding road will thrill and amaze you.”

Road & Track

“The interior is thoroughly modern, perhaps too much so.” Unlike past Ferraris, the Roma uses touch surfaces instead of buttons for

A subtle beauty, from $222,620

most controls. “It makes for a great-looking but infuriatin­g-to-use cockpit.” Still, this is a special car. Better yet, “it’s the rare modern Ferrari that doesn’t feel the need to scream about being special.”

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