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For ordering quality spices


■ BurlapAndB­ sells sustainabl­y sourced, single-origin spices that you won’t find at a local supermarke­t. You can shop by flavor profile, intended use, or simply choose one of the company’s popular spice sets. Customer favorites include the wild cumin from Badakhshan, Afghanista­n, and the smoked paprika from Extremadur­a, Spain.

■ TheSpiceHo­ breaks down its offerings into helpful categories, including by region (e.g. Latin America, Middle East, North Africa). Make sure to browse the site’s blog for ideas, recipes, and helpful tips.

■ puts fair wages first and works with small farmers who grow the freshest single-origin spices that India and Sri Lanka offer. Think black pepper, cardamom, cumin, coriander, and four types of chiles. You can store your fragrant purchases in one of Diaspora’s beautiful brass masala dabbas.


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