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■■ Home prices increased by 13.2 percent in March, the 10th consecutiv­e month of accelerati­ng housing prices. The March gain was the largest in 15 years.

■■ Domestic U.S. airfares are up 9 percent since April 1, while internatio­nal fares are up 17 percent, according to research from Bernstein. Hotel rates in Cancún, Mexico, were about $205 a night in early May, up from just $45 a year ago and $160 in 2019.

■■ Amazon agreed to buy the MGM film studio, with its storied film library, for $8.45 billion. The deal marks Amazon’s second-biggest acquisitio­n, after the $13.7 billion purchase of Whole Foods.

■■ In the five years leading up to September 2020, the number of people with the title “head of diversity” rose 107 percent, “director of diversity” 75 percent, and “chief diversity officer” 68 percent, according to LinkedIn.

■■ Fifty-four percent of Americans said they might leave an organizati­on if it did not speak out against racial injustice, according to a Harris Poll survey; 68 percent said you should be able to discuss racial justice issues at work.

■■ Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, to be officially retired in 2022, had 95 percent of the global browser market in 2003. Today, it’s down to less than 1 percent. Google’s Chrome holds the biggest share (65 percent), followed by Apple’s Safari (19 percent).

■■ Of the approximat­ely 40 million used cars sold each year, more than 450,000 have odometers that were illegally altered, according to federal estimates.

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