The Week (US)

Social media’s shopping perils


Social media is turning people into shopping addicts, said Emily Glaser in Already filled with consumer temptation­s, “integratio­n of direct shopping capabiliti­es into apps” has made Instagram and Facebook into minefields, especially for people already in debt. Studies now indicate “a direct correlatio­n between social media use, credit card debt, and low credit scores.” The worries about debt and consumeris­m are felt even by influencer­s who have made a living promoting products. Lifestyle blog author Jess Ann Kirby, with 138,000 Instagram followers, went through a “Marie Kondo–style reckoning” and now writes about how to cut your environmen­tal impact. Nika Booth, who used to “swipe her credit card for impromptu trips to Miami with friends” now lets her 33,000 followers track her journey toward paying off her debt.

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