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Paddington’s fall from grace


Nobody’s perfect— not even a certain cuddly and duffle coat– clad bear, said

James Hibberd in


.com. Just a month after Paddington II replaced Citizen

Kane atop Rotten Tomatoes’ list of the best-reviewed films of all time, the heartwarmi­ng 2017 sequel and its unassuming ursine hero have been knocked down a branch. Like Orson Welles’ masterpiec­e, Paddington II was dethroned by a newly discovered negative review that ended its showing on the popular website of 100 percent critical approval. Perusing the remaining unassailed films, readers quickly claimed that Toy Story 2 or the little-known 2018 drama Leave No Trace now holds the Rotten Tomatoes crown. But “all of this is increasing­ly silly.”

Not to critic Eddie Harrison, said Halle Kiefer in The man whose review shifted the rankings seems to genuinely dislike Paddington II, even labeling the title character “overconfid­ent, snide, and sullen.” Those words will outrage fans. But the unflappabl­y polite Paddington? “He’d probably just nod and treat himself to some more delicious marmalade.”

 ??  ?? Imperfectl­y cute
Imperfectl­y cute

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