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Many contests, oddly few winners


Instagram influencer­s seem to offer a lot of prizes, but it’s rarely clear that anybody actually wins them, said Allie Jones in Vox. com. Last year, Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian family, gave her 41 million followers the chance to win “a 20k USD preloaded credit card” and Louis Vuitton luggage. All entrants had to do “was follow a few dozen other accounts” and leave a comment. Thousands did, but Jenner never announced a winner. It was a classic example of a “loop” giveaway created by a marketing firm that charges smaller influencer­s and brands to get on a “must-follow list” that a larger influencer, such as Jenner, will share. Curated Businesses, a marketing company that organizes contests for the Kardashian­s, occasional­ly shares “photos of people who have allegedly won those prepaid Visas and designer bags.” Vox tried to contact a dozen of those, but “no one responded.”

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