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An insurer’s AI blunder


The makers of the insurance app Lemonade had to walk back claims it made on Twitter about its use of artificial intelligen­ce to analyze claims, said Sara Morrison in The $6 billion online insurance company “prides itself on largely replacing human brokers and actuaries with bots and AI,” by collecting massive amounts of data on its users. But in a series of tweets last week, Lemonade said it uses machine learning to “carefully analyze” videos that claimants send in for “signs of fraud,” including through “nonverbal clues.” Users were not pleased to hear that Lemonade “gathers more than 1,600 ‘data points’” about them. The thread “prompted people to ask if their claims would be denied because of the color of their skin,” and how a bot could “decide they looked like they were lying.” Lemonade later deleted the tweets and apologized. have gotten if the IRS had based it on their 2020 returns.” Plus-up payments are being sent to people who reported less income in 2020 than in 2019, as well as others who have had life changes—such as a new baby—that would increase their payments. One warning for those who got an extension on their taxes: Your 2020 return must be filed and processed by the IRS before Aug. 16, 2021, if you want to get a plus-up payment—so don’t wait until the October late-filing deadline.

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