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■■ The words two strangers spoke to Paige Hunter as she contemplat­ed jumping off a bridge saved her life three years ago. “You are worth so much more than this,” they said. Now she returns the favor by posting encouragin­g messages all over Wearmouth Bridge in England, covering the landmark with more than 1,000 notes since 2018. Dozens of people have reached out to her to thank her for saving their life, including Callum Doggrell. “It reminded me that I have a purpose,” he said. “Sometimes that’s all people need to hear.”

■■ Ever since middle school, Christian Liden dreamed of being able to propose to his future soulmate with a diamond he mined himself. So when the 26-year-old Washington native was ready to propose to his girlfriend, he and a friend took a road trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas on a mission to find that special gem. After three long days of digging, as Liden was separating the light material from the heavier gravel with a screen, he finally spotted a yellow diamond peeping out. “I never expected anything like that,” Linden said.

The 2.20-carat stone is the largest that’s been found there since October.

■■ Virginia Rose felt she became a completely new person when she picked up a pair of binoculars to birdwatch 20 years ago. Confined to a wheelchair since a teen riding accident, Rose, now 62, found that navigating trails was an extremely challengin­g task, especially on sand and gravel. So in 2015, she founded the nonprofit Birdabilit­y, making her favorite hobby accessible to mobilitych­allenged people and helping them find birding spots that fit their needs. The group has mapped out more than 500 locations, complete with accessibil­ity scores. “I wanted them to have the same joy and the same empowermen­t that I had,” Rose said.

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