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O’Connor’s new outlook


Sinéad O’Connor has come up for air, said Simon Hattenston­e in The Guardian (U.K.). The troubled singer says she has spent the past six years “practicall­y living” at a Dublin psychiatri­c hospital, following a breakdown that hit after one of her four children was diagnosed with a serious illness and O’Connor underwent a radical hysterecto­my. “I went through what you call surgical menopause, which is like menopause multiplied by 10,000,” says O’Connor, 54. “I was completely gone. I was suicidal.” But at the start of this year, she felt something had lifted. “I didn’t spend all day terrified, I was able to go out, I was able to have fun.” She was also able to appreciate her own talent for the first time. Trying to remember the lyrics to some of her songs, “I went on YouTube, and I thought, ‘Holy s---, that’s quite good!’ I was a skinny young lady and I thought, ‘Where did that voice come from?’” Now back at home, she finds her libido gone, a marked switch from a hot and heavy period that came on in her late 40s. “I didn’t do my slutty years till I was 49. Then I went on a load of dating sites, and did the college years in six months.” That phase has passed, she says; post-hysterecto­my, her interests lie elsewhere. “I don’t even look at policemen’s arses anymore.”

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