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The comedian who outlasted his dying wish


Quincy Jones has survived terminal cancer, and not everyone is happy about it, said Hershal Pandya in In 2015, the then-32-year-old comedian—who is not related to the record producer of the same name—was diagnosed with stage 4 mesothelio­ma and set about realizing his dying wish: to record a comedy special. Two friends set up a Kickstarte­r that raised more than $50,000. Ellen DeGeneres had Jones on her show and convinced HBO to produce an hour-long special. Then something unexpected happened: Jones kept living. The buzz faded and Jones was accused by other comics and people on social media of having fabricated his cancer. “You know how many girls I’ve been talking to who’ve asked me about Reddit threads their friends have shown them?” he says. To rebut the lies, he went on the popular Jim Norton & Sam Roberts radio show in 2019 to publicly share his medical paperwork and be quizzed on-air by a doctor. “I should never have had to do that.” He is still receiving chemothera­py, undergoing treatments every six weeks. “Ellen didn’t absolve me of cancer, bro.” Jones is now focused on trying to rebuild his career. He’s confident his experience­s over the past six years will generate some inspired material. “I got to see the best side of humanity and the worst side.”

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