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■■ A man returned a Bob Dylan album he’d checked out of an Ohio library—48 years ago. Howard Simon took out a copy of Self Portrait in 1973, when he was an eighth-grader in Cleveland Heights. Now a San Francisco resident, he mailed it back with a note saying he’d found it among his album collection, and was returning it “by my count, approximat­ely 17,480 days overdue as of this writing.” He sent a $175 donation. “The funny thing about this,” said library manager Sara Philips, “is that we don’t charge overdue fines anymore.”

■■ An 11-yearold pianist performs weekly concerts for lemurs, hippos, zebras, and other animals at a Thailand zoo while dressed in a bright green alligator costume. Seenlada Supat was concerned the animals were lonely while attendance is low because of Covid-19. “I’m playing music to soothe the animals and give them company,” she said. She wears the costume to blend in with her audience. Some animals clearly seem “to be enjoying the music,” said the zoo director; curious lemurs often hop on the keyboard. “I don’t mind,” said Seenlada. “It’s as if they’re playing music with me, too.”

■■ A woman from Ventura, Calif., was reunited with a wallet she lost in a movie theater 46 years ago after a worker found it in a crawl space. The worker used social media to find the owner of the wallet, which held old photos, a 1973 Grateful Dead concert ticket, and a driver’s license for Colleen Distin. Friends contacted Distin, who still lives in Ventura. Getting the wallet back—it also contained scraps of poetry she wrote and photos of her late mom—was like opening a “time capsule,” she said.

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