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Summer fiction: Instant escapes into other people’s dramas


the Minneapoli­s Star Tribune. All of it is “expertly paced,” though, and “despite the more daring, absurd, and surprising elements, they do not overshadow how superbly drawn Nella’s character is—a true accomplish­ment in this remarkable debut.” drive the narrative.” When Hannah Hall’s software genius of a husband vanishes the same day that his company is raided by the FBI, Hannah and the teenage stepdaught­er she barely knows must quickly overcome the pricklines­s in their relationsh­ip as they try to unravel the mystery. Two clues are left behind: a large sack of cash and a cryptic note suggesting that 16-year-old Bailey may be in danger, said Carole Bell in But instead of piling on threats and dark developmen­ts, “Dave pulls off something that feels both new and familiar: a novel of domestic suspense that unnerves, then reassures.” Here, “the surface is ugly, the situation disturbing,” but the hearts of those involved are not darker still. That surprising dynamic must have struck a chord with Reese Witherspoo­n, because she is adapting the novel into a series starring Julia Roberts.

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