The Week (US)

People We Meet on Vacation

- By Emily Henry

(Berkley, $16)

In Emily Henry’s breezy new romantic comedy, the banter between the two principals is “so natural, quick, and witty that it would make Shonda Rhimes do a slow clap,” said Alicia Rancilio in the Associated Press. The setup instantly recalls the screenplay of When Harry Met Sally: College freshmen Poppy Wright and Alex Nilsen take an instant dislike to each another before they share a ride home at year’s end and a friendship sparks. The pair commit to taking an annual vacation trip together, and “each time they reunite, Poppy and Alex re-establish their rapport as if no time has passed.” A “ghastly onthe-road falling out” eventually disrupts the tradition before the pair agree to one more outing to attempt to patch things up, said Joanne Kaufman in The Wall Street Journal. The appeal of People We Meet on Vacation isn’t in the familiar rom-com plot, “which is more than a bit protracted.” Rather, “it’s the clever observatio­ns, the dialogue (which is laugh-out-loud funny) and, most particular­ly, the characters. Funny and fumbling and lovable, they’re most decidedly worth the trip.”

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