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We Can Do Hard Things


(Glennon Doyle & Cadence13)

How popular is author and self-help guru Glennon Doyle’s brand of sharing difficult feelings and messy life experience­s? The Untamed memoirist’s new podcast hit No. 1 on Apple even before its anxiety-centered debut episode, said Jessica Bennett in The New York Times. The series is a family affair: Doyle’s sister, Amanda, co-hosts; her daughter wrote the opening song; her wife, Olympic soccer gold medalist Abby Wambach, sits in; and there are even plans to invite Doyle’s ex-husband on for a slot. In an upcoming episode about fights, Doyle and Wambach dissect their most common arguments, including fighting about the way they fight—“the most lesbian thing you can actually fight about,” Wambach says. But mostly it is Doyle and her sister who take center stage with a “no-B.S. approach to talking openly and honestly about how freaking hard life can be,” said Elizabeth Ann Entenman in Cosmopolit­an .com. “There are only a few episodes so far, so catch up now and start listening live.”

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