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Subaru’s Outback Wilderness: What the critics say


Motor Trend

“Subaru is nothing if not shrewd.” Knowing that many of its customers upgrade their Outbacks with aftermarke­t modificati­ons, the automaker is cashing in by beefing up its popular adventure wagon. The Outback Wilderness is “a downright steal” considerin­g how many off-road mods it packages, beginning with all-terrain tires and a lifted suspension. Though it’s no backcountr­y monster, it will “comfortabl­y tackle muddy two-tracks and desert trails.”

“This car is going to print money.” Buyers, if they were logical, wouldn’t pay $10,000 more for an Outback that has less than an inch of extra ground clearance and gets 4 mpg less on the highway than a standard model with the same turbocharg­ed 260-hp engine. But the Wilderness “looks badass” and offers “more than enough” extras, including skid plates, a rugged roof rack great for a rooftop tent, and a hands-free liftgate. Most people would “road-trip this thing to the ends of the earth without hesitation.”

The Subaru is “far more family-friendly” than, say, a Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk. The interior is “stylish and spacious,” the seats “supple and supportive,” and thanks to the

A fiercer wagon, from $38,120

squishier springs, “you can float right over giant potholes.” If you spend as much time on-road as you do off-road, “the Wilderness may be the best all-around rugged crossover available.”

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