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How to stretch a tank of gas


■ Slow down: You might not want to hear it, but cruising at 75 mph rather than 55 mph is “like moving from a compact car to large SUV.” Our testing shows that a Toyota RAV4, for example, gets almost 14 mpg better mileage at the lower speed.

■ Drive smoothly: Hard accelerati­on and unnecessar­y braking can cost another 2 or 3 mpg, so moderate your takeoffs and anticipate stops to maintain a steadier pace.

■ Skip the AC: Open windows create drag, but not enough to offset the fuel savings from not running the AC. But don’t torture yourself: “Once it gets hot, having AC on to cool the cabin is a wise investment in your comfort and ability to stay alert.”

■ Check tire pressure: Tires lose air pressure over time, and underinfla­ted tires waste fuel. Gauge yours monthly, and top them off if the pressure falls below what’s recommende­d.

Source: Consumer Reports

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